DNF tracer Plugin


Calls tracer after every successful transaction. It finds running applications which are outdated by transaction’s packages.

There you can see DNF output with dnf-plugins-extras-tracer installed:

$[FrostyX  ~]-> sudo dnf update vim-X11
Running transaction
  Upgrading    : vim-common-2:7.4.179-1.fc20.i686                           1/6
  Upgrading    : vim-X11-2:7.4.179-1.fc20.i686                              2/6
  Upgrading    : vim-enhanced-2:7.4.179-1.fc20.i686                         3/6

  vim-X11.i686 2:7.4.179-1.fc20           vim-common.i686 2:7.4.179-1.fc20
  vim-enhanced.i686 2:7.4.179-1.fc20

You should restart:


It is a good idea to restart those applications, because they can be potentially dangerous. They can contain old security issues, which are fixed in new version.