Extras DNF Plugins Release Notes

0.0.12 Release Notes

Bugfixes in local plugin. Fixes in packaging.

0.0.11 Release Notes

Bugfix in DNF kickstart Plugin packaging plugin.

0.0.7 Release Notes

Renamed orphans to leaves. Fixed some crashes in DNF tracer Plugin, migrate and local. Renamed --repoid to --repo in repoclosure and repograph. Old option saved for compatibility.

Bugs fixed in 0.0.7:

0.0.6 Release Notes

Provides migrate and orphans.

Bugs fixed in 0.0.6:

0.0.4 Release Notes

Fixes in packaging, include man pages for plugins.

0.0.3 Release Notes

Trivial fixes in packaging, few improvements for plugins, tests for plugins. Provides: local, repograph and repoclosure.

Bugs fixed in 0.0.3: